About Me

  • I have a proven track record as a school volunteer.
    • I am passionate about improving and supporting our Piedmont schools. I have spent the past 11 years volunteering in various capacities, including the following roles:
      • Classroom and library volunteer at Havens
      • Co-chair of Spring Fling in 2011
      • Co-chair of the Giving Campaign in 2015 and 2016
      • President (for two years) and vice president (for one year) of the PMS parent club
      • President (for two years), vice president, and freshman rep for the PHS parent club
      • Co-chair of the successful campaign to pass Measures G&H, our school support taxes

I am committed to working collaboratively with all members of our education community in order to create the best possible outcome for each student in our district. I understand that each child has unique strengths and challenges, and we must adapt our teaching to meet each student’s needs. I am also committed to supporting and enhancing the district’s work on diversity and inclusion so that every student feels safe and valued, and so that we are preparing our students to create positive change in the world.

I believe that we have an opportunity to reach for better, not just normal. Our community has high standards for the education of our children. We need to address safety, while also improving the quality of the educational experience of our kids both this year and in future years. As a school board member, I would work to find creative solutions to our current issues, including task forces to address critical issues such as mental and physical health. We can learn from our community and from other districts how to balance online instruction with personal interactions, mental and physical health, and social-emotional growth for our students.

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